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Ifs, Buts & Maybes

I know what you're thinking. This stuff all sounds great, BUT...

So allow me to try and address some of the concerns you may have:

I Can't Afford It

Can you afford to go on without implementing some change in the area you are thinking about? You have been motivated enough to seek out this information about counselling or life coaching, so it is obviously important to you. Don't let yourself use money as an excuse to put this off any longer - you deserve to spend a little money on your own wellbeing. Consider how much you spend on grocery shopping each week, or on fuel for your car, or on holidays, birthday presents, Christmas, etc etc etc. If you can find the money for these things which are important to you, then you can allocate some finance to therapy and make a commitment to yourself while at the same time giving yourself an enriching gift, the benefits of which will last a lifetime.

It Will Take Too Much Time

If you are concerned about signing up for something that may stretch endlessly into the future, then don't be. You are in the driving seat - that's the whole point! You can sign up for as many sessions as you want, according to the time you have available and the financial commitment that's right for you. If you want just three focused, goal-oriented sessions, then that's what you can have. If you want a four-month plan, we can structure your sessions to fit that timescale. If you want to have a couple of sessions and see how you go, keeping it open-ended until you feel you've achieved everything you want to, that's fine too. You can have one session or one year's worth of sessions - it's up to you.

I Can't Fit It Into My Schedule

This is a real problem for so many of us in the busy modern age. We try to be the best we can be at everything; an achiever at work, a good parent, a desirable lover, a caring friend; we are told by society that we should be able to fit all these things into our lives, as well as be fit and attractive, eat healthily, dress fashionably and be successful and happy in a new car, in a big house, in a great relationship....the list seems to go on forever. So how can you possibly fit counselling or coaching in as well? You probably already know the answer. Having some therapy sessions could be the one thing which will bring all these other elements of your life together in harmony for the first time. You will be able to set realistic goals for yourself which are actually achievable. You will stop giving yourself a hard time for not being able to do the impossible and instead be proud of yourself, and experience a meaningful and lasting feeling of contentment and satisfaction in your daily tasks. That schedule that you don't think you can fit sessions into will become one where there is more time for the things you want, and more fulfilment in the things you have to do.

Other People Have More Important Issues Than This, It's Not Worth Bothering About

Other people's issues are irrelevant here. Whatever it is that's concerning you, that thing that is on your mind right now, the thing that has been building up, getting worse, becoming more difficult to ignore, the thing which makes you frustrated or even angry with yourself - needs attention. The issues you want to bring to therapy are knocking on the door of your life - maybe they have been knocking for some time. They won't just go away on their own. You know yourself that however much you try and pretend they are not there, they just keep banging away in the background. There is only one way to get rid of the knocking; open the door. Therapy will help you learn how to embrace whatever is on the other side, to accept it, deal with it, move on from it - and you don't have to do it alone.

I'll Never Be Able To Change

You are thinking that way now because you are stuck in your current position. Once you start counselling or life coaching, you will soon become more positive, more forward-thinking, more in control of your life. You will be able to leave behind the idea that other people have more say in what happens to you than you do, or that it's all somehow pre-destined for you to end up sad and alone. You will no longer use phrases like 'typical', 'just my luck', and 'I didn't want it anyway' in your daily life.

I'll Do It Later

Maybe you will, but it's more likely that you won't. And deep down in yourself, you know that's true. Therapy will help you to stop procrastinating (putting things off) if this is one of the patterns in your life. When you procrastinate, it gives your Inner Critic a bigger stick to beat you with, as you feel disappointed with yourself, and even further away from achieving your goals. Counselling or coaching will help you to reach your goals, feel empowered and pro-active, and improve your self-confidence in all areas of your life. Is there really anything stopping you from contacting me right now to take a step closer to the life you want?


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